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AGS Wi-Fi Solar 1 Pro
Car Reversal Camera

The smart solution for enhanced vehicle safety

Viewing angle design


Engineered with an expansive 110° view design, this camera provides an extensive field of vision for unparalleled coverage when backing up or parking.


Adjustable angle design

AGS Reversal camera Solar Pro1 features a 70° adjustable design, providing you with the flexibility to manually customize the viewing angle. With its user-friendly functionality, this product ensures optimal visibility while reversing, allowing you to navigate with confidence and ease.

Get the best view you needed!


Full High Definition Lens

For a clearer and wider view

AGS Solar power car reversal camera has superior low-light vision and IR NIGHT VISION that perfectly works even in a completely dark environment, you can see the objects
3 meters / 10 feet behind under a low-light source like your reversing lights.

Battery life that's positively Pro

Charge it anytime, Anywhere.

Supports 2 charging methods

This compact and innovative device comes equipped with a solar charging feature, ensuring continuous power supply for optimal performance. With a built-in 3350mAh rechargeable battery, it guarantees reliable functionality even in low-light conditions.

Solar Energy, 

Continuous Power Supply

USB Charging

Besides being charged by the sun, it supports USB charging and can effortlessly connect to your power bank, ensuring continuous power in any situation. With easy installation and versatile charging options, the AGS Car Solar Reversal Camera brings you unparalleled flexibility and reliability for enhanced driving confidence.

Only charge once a year


of sufficient sunlight exposure per day

The AGS Solar Reversal camera has a battery that keeps charging when the solar panel is in the face of strong sunlight even in the rainy season. The fully charged battery can last for 2 months of average use (2~3 times per day).

Battery working:


Designed with PCB-Coating, sealing adhesive, filled up with potting, ensuring your backup camera wireless is never going to get wet in the rain or car washing. Reverse camera can withstand extreme temperatures from -4°F~149°F. Never fog up or blurry.

Works perfectly in extreme weather

FHD background .png

FHD 1080P Image output

Oh So Clear. Every detail matters.

Wireless backup camera equipped with a 1080P image sensor and a 5'' FHD LCD screen. Especially in low-light environments, displaying more details ensures your safety while reversing

Accurate Parking distance measurement

Oh so clear even at night. Every angle is captured, No blind spot

Multi-function Menu Settings

Pair the monitor with the backup camera.

Adjust Brightness and Contrast

Change the image to Mirror/Normal/Upside/Down

Monitor working time

Adjust 6 types of guidelines

Reset setting


Set and Select. Your Convenience in one press.

Adjustable Working Time

The display time can be set into 45S/60S/90S/120S, and it will enter into the standby mode automatically after usage, which aims to power saving.

Normal & Mirror Image

AGS Solar1PRO Reversal camera supports Normal and Mirror image. You can install the rear camera on the front of your car to avoid any blind spots.

Weather Resistance

AGS Solar1PRO Reversal camera works perfectly in extreme weather. Let you more at ease in critical moments. Battery Working: -4°F~149°F.

Zero wiring, 100% True Wireless

High compatible with most vehicles

The AGS Solar Powered Reversal camera Pro1 with a 5" monitor utilizes 2.4G digital technology to ensure the stability of signal transmission within 40ft. Worry-free from other signals and the wrong judgments caused by the frozen image. The backup camera wireless is perfect for pickup trucks, cars, horse trailers, SUVs, vans, boats, etc.

Real IP69K Waterproof

 Can withstand in all weather condition

Certified with unique enhanced 4 waterproof processes: PCB-Coating, sealing adhesive, filled up with potting, and specially-designed waterproof structure ensures superb waterproof performance.

Strong Stable Digital Wireless Signal

Provides a stable, uninterrupted digital signal under a


trailer for a comprehensive view of the road conditions.

Performance Quality

to ensure the stability of signal transmission

2.4G Digital Technology

with a 5" monitor utilizes

Power up hassle-free!

AGS car reversal camera monitor display doesn't need battery power, simply plug directly into your car's 12V cigarette lighter.

With just one press, you're ready to go.


5V 3A Max

Can still charge other devices while using the cigarette lighter.

with the wire lenght of

11.5 ft 

to place your monitor display anywhere for your perfect viewing

with a built-in

USB Port

for your other devices

Barrier Free Design

Flexible Installation, No Limitation.

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