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AGS Sump Plug

Bonded Washer

High-Quality and Durable Bonded Washers

& Long-Lasting

A bonded seal consists of an outer annular ring of a hard material, typically steel, and an inner annular ring of an elastomeric material that acts as a gasket. It is the compression of the elastomeric part between the faces of the parts on either side of the bonded seal that provides the sealing action. The elastomeric material, typically nitrile rubber, is bonded by heat and pressure to the outer ring, which holds it in place. This structure increases resistance to bursting, increasing the pressure rating of the seal.

Leak-proof & Oil Resistant

AGS Sump Plug Bonded Washers are used to prevent media leakage through hydraulic fitting fasteners, pipe join flanges and valve bodies. As the bolt or fitting is tightened, the rubber seal element compresses until it is fully tightened against the metal ring, resulting in an effective high-pressure seal.


Guaranteed Proper Fit

Our washers are made of high-quality materials, and constructed to strict quality standards, ensuring proper fit and tight seal.


Bonded Washer Seals were originally designed to replace copper type washers used in high-pressure systems. They consist of a metal washer and an elastomeric ring bonded inside the diameter. The metal washer prevents over-compression and limits deformation of the elastomeric ring.

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Multi-Functional Application

AGS washers are highly compatible with screws, nuts and bolts of the same sizes, widely used in Automotive or electrical applications such as oil lines, hydraulic fittings, oil drain

So Easy. So Fast to Install

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The Benefits of

Bonded Washers

The Bonded Seal is a rectangular section metal washer to which a trapezoidal-shaped rubber ring is bonded. (often called a Dowty Washer). Both the washer and the inner are available in different materials to suit the application required the most common being mild steel and stainless steel with the inner rubber compounds being mainly nitrile.

Bonded Washers have a neoprene layer attached to the metal washers that form a strong, soft, and resilient seal. They can be used with vulnerable materials and provide additional coating under a nut or a bolt or screw head. They help to stop leaks through sealing joints.


AGS Bonded Washer





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