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AGS Wiper refills

Long-lasting. Environmentally friendly natural rubber embedded with Teflon ensures a smoother wipe

Available sizes:

AGS Wiper refill

Clear and Quiet. A great replacement for the old rubber blade.

Outstanding performance.
3x longer lasting

Outstanding performance that will last up to 180,000 wipes with no streaks and lines

Oh So Quiet.

The environmentally friendly natural rubber embedded with Teflon ensures a smoother silent wipe.

Oh So Clear.

AGS Wiper rubber refill combines with natural, eco-friendly rubber for a clearer and skip-free wipe. 

Excellent Performance

Perfect for all
weather conditions.

AGS Wiper refills are made of durable and Teflon-coated natural rubber to ensure excellent all-weather performance

Heavy rains.

The AGS Wiper refills stay fully functional and work perfectly even in heavy rains for clear and better visibility.

Intense heat.

The AGS Wiper refills are made from natural rubber which can tolerate the extreme heat of outback temperatures.

Snow storm.

AGS Wiper refill is designed to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice. AGS wiper rubber refill is more effective compared to other rubbers when used in -10C temperatures.

flexible (1).png

Versatile flexibility

Soft rubber.
Easy-flex design.

Wear resistance.



Ultra-thin laminated automotive glass surface

Super strong rainwater diversion layer

Memory metal skeletal position

Experience unparalleled durability with our Wiper Rubber Refills. Crafted from a premium-grade natural rubber material embedded with teflon, these refills ensure superior wear resistance, guaranteeing a streak-free and squeak-free wiping experience.

Untitled design (41).png

Leaves No Scratches.

No streaks,
No squeaks.

Engineered with precision and meticulous attention to detail, our refill sets a new standard in windshield care. Crafted to deliver a soft, seamless wipe, it leaves behind no trace of scratches or streaks, ensuring a pristine view with every swipe.

mother nature (3).png

A win for Mother Nature.

Save the world.

Save the environment.

Only replace what needs replacing.

Switch to our refillable wiper solution to lower your vehicle's operating costs while decreasing landfill waste. It benefits both your wallet and the environment. Join us in making a sustainable decision for cleaner roads and a greener environment.

Wiper refill variations. Take your pick.

6mm Wiper refill

AGS Wiper Refill

6mm (24")

AGS Wiper Refill

6mm (28")

8mm and 8.5mm Wiper refill

AGS Wiper Refill

8mm (28")

AGS Wiper Refill

8.5mm (28")

AGS Wiper Refill

with Metal

8.5mm (28")

10mm Wiper refill

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (14")

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (16")

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (18")

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (20")

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (22")

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (24")

AGS Wiper Refill

10mm (26")

Multiple sizes in a pack

10mm Wiper refill Kit

AGS Wiper Refill Kit

10mm (Multiple sizes)

Comes with multiple wiper refill sizes:
6 pcs. each of 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", and 26".

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