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AGS Sump Plug

Fibre Washer

High-Quality and Durable Fibre Washers

AGS Fibre washers
A hand holding AGS Fibre washers
AGS Fibre washers with water splash

& Long-Lasting

Our AGS Sump Plug Fibre Washer is made from High-grade fibre materials that can create a light-duty seal and deliver reliable cushioning between a screw, bolt, or other fasteners.

It is also used for electrical insulation applications where little moisture is present and has good cold flow resistance.

Corrosion &
Water Resistant

AGS fibre washer is designed to absorb water and expand whenever water or moisture hits it, thus creating a watertight seal each and every time without cracking.

One of the biggest reasons for using fibre washers is that they typically resist corrosion and other damage when exposed to chemical agents, liquids and more.


Made of small fibres that are compressed, coated, or vulcanized to ensure stability.

These washers are nonconductive and are a suitable choice as a non-metal, non-polymer spacer for general purposes and electrical applications.


Guaranteed Proper Fit

Our washers are made of high-quality materials, and constructed to strict quality standards, ensuring proper fit and tight seal.

AGS Fibre washers
Material used for making AGS Fibre washers
Application BG.png

Multi-Functional Application

AGS washers are highly compatible with screws, nuts and bolts of the same sizes, widely used in Automotive or electrical applications such as oil lines, hydraulic fittings and oil drains.

AGS Fibre washers can be used in cars
AGS Fibre washers can be used in different car parts
 AGS Fibre washers can be used in screw
AGS Fibre washers can be used in engines

So Easy. So Fast to Install

Material of AGS Fibre washers
Benefits BG.png

The Benefits of

Fibre Washers

Fibre washers are useful in applications where abrasions must be kept to a minimum and impact risk is high. Fibre washers also have a sound-dampening property, which can help to reduce unwanted noise.

Fibre washers are rigid and will provide reliable spacing when a metal or polymer washer is not suitable. They are also non-conductive and moderately heat resistant.


AGS Fibre washers

AGS Fibre Washer


AGS Fibre washer seals tightly and securely


Icon showing that AGS Fibre washers are water resistant


AGS Fibre washers are easy to install


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