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AGS Solar Power Reversal Camera

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Solar Wi-fi cameras are gaining popularity in the industry due to their numerous automobile advantages. A backup camera is a fantastic way for drivers to be safer and more aware of their surroundings by identifying obstructions and pedestrians in the car's blind spot, providing live footage of the surrounding area, and recording footage of occurrences near your vehicle.

Driving assistance technologies are thriving nowadays, with features such as forward collision prevention, keeping safe distances, lane, and side assist, and backing up and parking, as car inventors and manufacturers continue to gear the vehicles with the newest safety technologies.

With AGS Solar Power Reversal Camera, we are more than just a backup camera.

First. It is easy to install.

A solar panel is included to charge the battery. This implies you won't need an electrician or any other type of professional to set it up. It's a 5-minute DIY project!

Second. It's equipped with cutting-edge signal transmission technology.

It's easy to use the monitor; simply turn it on, and the camera's active image will display.

Third. It's suited to a wide range of vehicles.

It doesn't matter if it's a trailer, a truck, a minivan, or a sedan.

Fourth. Exceptional night vision.

With a restricted supply of light, the AGS solar-powered reversal camera allows you to view hazards 3 meters behind you.

Fifth. Resistant to extreme temperature.

It meets the IP68 waterproof standard, so you don't have to worry about even the worst weather when using the AGS reversal camera.

The AGS solar-powered Reversal Camera will exceed your expectations!


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