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AGS H11 24V

Halogen Globe


Bring on the night


So Clear
So Bright
So Visible

AGS Halogen Globes ensure excellent light-beam performance with up to 1650 Lumens. AGS H11 globes provide warm white light with 3300 - 5500 brightness that will allow better night vision without blinding other drivers.

halogen video BG 1920 x 1080.png



for all


Whether driving in



or under prolonged
exposure to

intense heat,

or driving through



AGS Halogen Headlights


fully functional

amidst all


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AGS H11 Halogen globe is among the safest, easiest and most efficient ways to upgrade your car headlights within legal parameters. AGS globes are fully ECE certified and complies with Australian Driving Rules (ADR).

This ensures that your car will pass roadworthy in all Australian states and territories

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As electric current passes through the tungsten wire filament, the filament heats up and glows, thereby producing light.

The tungsten material evaporates in this process but is redeposited on the filament after contact with the inert halogen gas around.

​This evaporation and re-deposition cycle eventually deteriorates the filament and causes the bulb to 'burn out'.

No Radio Interference

The combination of the built-in EMC system and the use of shield power cables reduces the possibility of radio interference.

Long Lifespan

up to


of use



of onboard

halogen video BG 1920 x 1080 (8).png

less insects


Compared to
white lights


Yellow and “warm white” bulbs tend to be more like sunlight and are less attractive to insects than “cool white” bulbs that have a bluish tone.

halogen video BG 1920 x 1080 (10).png

The structure of


Halogen Globe

Plug & Play

So Easy. So Simple. So Fast


So. So. Simple.

AGS H11 Halogen Globes are identical to OEM
globes and offer easy PLUG and PLAY installation. It is
compatible with all cars with an H11 globe.

1 x AGS H11 Halogen Globes


    *Improved visibility in fog, snow and rain

    *Plug & Play Installation, No cutting or professional installation is required

    *Electrically Protected against RFI and EM Interference

    *Warm white light with (3300 - 5500K) of brightness but less dazzling to other drivers at night.

    *Up to 500 - 900 hours of use

    *AGS H11 Halogen Globe is able to cut through fog and rain more effectively compared to white or blue light.

    *ECE and ADR Compliant

    *Suitable for cars' High/Low beam and Fog light

    *High-quality UV-quartz glass for superior shock and temperature resistant

    *Warm white halogen globes attracts less insects than bright white lights

Tech Specs

Which bulbs
suit your car?

To learn more about the many types of bulbs and their respective applications in the Front, Interior, and Rear of your vehicle, click on the image above.

Useful tips


What do the codes like H4, H7, H11, P21W/5, etc, mean?

These are universal shortcodes indicating the bulb type and dimensions. Different vehicles use different bulb types depending on the original lamp design. AGS Halogen Globes feature a wide collection of bulb types, and most of our ranges cover the popular headlamp and fog lamp applications.

Why can't I touch the bulb glass with my fingers? What happens if I do?

When your fingers come into contact with the bulb glass, alkaline compounds and oil residue are transferred onto the glass. When the bulb is in operation, this causes uneven heating at the contact spots, which can weaken the glass structure.

As a result, the bulb lifespan will be reduced, the glass may crack under unstable heat conditions, and in rare severe cases, the bulb may even explode.

Therefore, always use gloves when handling bulbs, and avoid touching the glass with bare hands.

Do I have to change the left and right bulbs at the same time?

We strongly recommend replacing bulbs as a pair, especially for headlamp and fog lamp applications. After a period of usage, bulbs will start to dim. Replacing only one bulb will lead to light imbalance. That’s why our bulbs usually come in a set of 2.

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